How it Works

Fill out the Contact Us form on the website, and I will schedule a phone call to talk more in-depth about the services we provide.

Once you have decided to use our services, you will receive a comprehensive questionnaire. We will analyze your answers and formulate a plan utilizing healing modalities and/or training methods that will help solve your pet’s issues. I will implement these therapies remotely, keeping in contact with you daily by email for a to-be-determined amount of time (usually 3-5 days). At the end of this time, you will be provided with a full written email report, with instructions on how to continue working with your pet. This includes an optional phone call to address any questions or explanations.


The cost for your in-depth Energy Healing Session is $100

Payment can be made by Venmo or Credit Card.

Pepper and Bullet relaxing together.

* * This work is never to be considered an alternative for veterinary care. Please call your vet if your animal is in acute pain or has had an ongoing uncomfortable issue.