Welcome to Synergistic Pet Therapy

Greetings! My name is Ruth Richards and pictured above is Buddy.

Buddy showed me first hand how receptive our animal companions can be to healing energy work. He lived in the house I was renting in Northern California, and was my first “client”. We developed a very close relationship. Buddy was a free spirit, but he often curled up at my feet after I had “grounded” him and sat in my lap when I was meditating. He is playing in the fields of light now, but I will always be grateful for his presence when I was beginning my studies.

Dogs and cats are my focus, and my goal is to show you how to have a harmonious relationship with your pets, using healing modalities and training advice if needed. As with humans, there are energetic therapies that can ease the effect of trauma and neglect for our pets. It has been found that many of the energetic therapies that are used on humans work very well for our pets as well, and can be done remotely.

As with most healing, it takes time and effort and maintenance for true change to happen.

Luna is my new helper